Buy driver’s license from Asian countries



Buy driver’s license from Asian countries

Buy driver’s license from Asian countries.

Get a temporary driver’s license

For people traveling to China for a short period of time, including tourists, they can obtain a temporary driver’s license for a maximum of three months without having to pass an exam. Normally, you can get this at the traffic police department of the city where you are located. In Beijing and possibly in other large cities, it can be obtained directly at the airport.

Necessary documents:

  • National driver’s license
  • International driving license.
  • Chinese translation of the foreign driver’s license (consult the embassy to know where this can be done).
  • Completed application form.
  • A hotel reservation for at least one day.
  • Three color photos of an inch with a white background.
But if you are not eligible for the process, or if you have a band, or you may need it as quickly as possible simply by applying online, you can contact our support through the contact form or what the application is and We will give You are a quick response. We guarantee a driver’s license registered in the shortest possible time, you request and take your driver’s license at your door. Contact Us .