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Who should buy a Swedish residence permit:

If you are from an EU country, EEA or Nordic countries; You definitely need a Swedish residence permit to extend your stay in Sweden for more than three months. Otherwise, if you are not from any of these countries, you need a tourist visa for a short stay or a Swedish residence permit, even before migrating to Sweden. In the traditional process, after the decision to issue your residence is confirmed, it takes four weeks to produce and issue a residence card.

To avoid a long process of uncertain decision making and the four weeks of producing a residence card, all you need to do is contact our agents through this website, agree the terms of operation. Then apply through the Swedish residence permit application form . In addition to this simple process, all you will have to do is keep in touch with our agents during the one-week process for any other necessary correction. We send your resident card ready by mail to the address you fill in your Swedish residence card form .